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Wine 7
Rendered with bidirectional path-tracing. I've implemented the Drago tone mapping operator.
Cars 5
Rendered with bidirectional path-tracing. I have improved the clearcoat by accounting for the light refracting and bouncing into it. I have also improved the handling of specular paths in my bidirectional path-tracer along with many other fixes.

Updated with a higher resolution version.
Cars 3
Rendered with bidirectional path-tracing. I fixed a lot of problems to get rid of fireflies.
Wine 4
Rendered with path-tracing. A simple scene to test substance entry and exiting. I also fixed about a million problems to finally get a clean render.
Glass 2
Rendered with bidirectional path-tracing. Substance entry and exit is managed with a priority queue so that rays correctly enter the glass, then the water or vice versa.
I'm doing a major rewrite of my engine so it will take a while to get it back on its feet. There was and there still is some relic of my past rasterizer that I need to clean. I want to make the ray-tracing and "shading" completely asynchronous so that I can possibly trace rays on the GPU and shade on the CPU in the future. I want it to be very dynamic, it should be able to add/remove threads and render devices on the fly without interrupting a render. It will be able to build multiple acceleration structures simultaneously as well. Maybe it will be able to build a single structure with multiple threads in the future. I have some code ready for testing, but I really need to build a new interface.

It should also be able to serialize and unserialize all scene data to be saved in a file or to be sent to a render server for network rendering. It should also be able to react to changes made in a scene to notify all render devices. I want to keep this part separate from the core as well so that an application can program its own serialization system.

It is already somewhat interactive. I can move around and change parameters on the fly and it will render progressively and I want to keep it that way as much as possible.

I am building a new interface to pursue my development and hopefully I can compile everything on linux. It's not that much code to write, but it's a lot of structuring and debugging.


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If yought knew, if old could
I am a programmer currently working on a ray-tracing engine as a hobby. My goal is to reach photorealistic results using physically based algorithms at reasonable speed.

My engine is written in C++ and SSE intrinsics. Linux is my main platform for development but Windows is still supported. I am not using GPU yet.


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